The New Old World.

Anderson, Perry.

Picture of The New Old World.
He discusses the modern European Union in an insightful manner, in particular its origins. He analyses the core countries of France, Germany and Italy and looks at the eastern entry of Cyprus and Turkey. He concludes that the European Union is far from perfect.


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The New Old World looks at the history of the European Union, the core continental countries within it, and the issue of its further expansion into Asia. It opens with a consideration of the origins and outcomes of European integration since the Second World War, and how today's EU has been theorized across a range of contemporary disciplines. It then moves to more detailed accounts of political and cultural developments in the three principal states of the original Common Market: France, Germany and Italy. A third section explores the interrelated histories of Cyprus and Turkey, which pose a leading geopolitical challenge to the Community. The book ends by tracing ideas of European unity from the Enlightenment to the present, and analyzing their bearing on the future of the Union. The New Old World offers a critical portrait of a continent now increasingly hailed as a moral and political example to the world at large.

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Author Anderson, Perry.
Format PB
Publisher Verso Books
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Number of Pages 592
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Publish Date 18/07/2011
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