The Next Big Thing.

Waite, Judy.

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Elliot is the next big thing! Discovered singing in a garage, he's scooped up, signed up and tied up by a major record company. Before he knows it, the world is at his feet: everybody wants a piece of the Elliot brand. But Elliot's not sure he wants to be a brand. All he wants to do is sing. It seems, though, that that's too much to ask. As he sees his dreams slowly turn into a nightmare, he's desperate to get back to the life, he'd been so quick to leave behind. But can he fit in there now? And will anybody - his new manager and new friends, his mates and, most importantly, his girlfriend Anna - understand his decision?

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Author Waite, Judy.
Format 288
Publisher Oxford University Press
Imprint Oxford University Press
Number of Pages 288
Catalogue ShCH
Catalogue book number 80