The Philosophy of Human Nature.

Kainz, Howard P.

Picture of The Philosophy of Human Nature.
Questions he addresses include how human nature differs from the nature of other things in the physical world; whether personality traits and intelligence are inheritable; whether male personalities are significantly different from female personalities; is human evolution not just biological, but social and cultural as well; is human nature made up of body and mind/soul; is the mind a ‘thing’ in the sense of which body is a ‘thing’; and more questions, right up to the evidence (if any) for life after death. ‘Open- minded and adventurous.’


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What, exactly, is human nature? What makes humans different from animals (if there is any difference)? In this book, Howard Kainz presents a philosophical analysis of the various concepts of human nature and the many controversies that have surrounded them for centuries. He explores issues such as whether human beings are truly free, whether human instincts differ from animal instincts, and the realities of human maturity.

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Author Kainz, Howard P.
Format PB
Publisher Open Court Publishing Co ,U.S.
Imprint Open Court Publishing Co ,U.S.
Number of Pages 192
Publish Date 31/07/2007
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