The Pig.

Picture of The Pig.
This collection of photographs of pigs is taken at unique angles with a fish-eye lens, showing them at their cutest and most hilarious. Here are pigs playing, dressed up, relaxing and socializing. Get to know these charming, smart, loveable animals and enjoy the cleverness of the photos.


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Following the success of the brands "The Dog" and "The Cat" in the UK, here comes "The Pig". For those who recognize the intelligence and warmth of these fascinating creatures, or just for those who love the humourous style of "The Dog" and "The Cat", this book is a perfect gift or self-purchase. Contrary to popular belief, pigs are not dirty, stupid or greedy but are actually some of the cleanest and most intelligent animals in the world and have long been regarded as a symbol of happiness and luck. With more than 100 photographs of pigs playing, being dressed up, relaxing and socializing, and some fascinating facts about them too, "The Pig" will help you get to know these charming, smart, loveable and cute animals as they really are - from snout to tail. Over 100 charming colour photographs of pigs at play, at rest and being just plain cute, showing these intelligent animals as you have never seen them before.

Book Details

Format HC
Publisher Carlton Books Ltd
Imprint Carlton Books Ltd
Number of Pages 128
Illustrations 130 colour photos
Publish Date 1/10/2009
Catalogue Nov18
Catalogue book number 11