The Pilgrimage to Meccah.

Burton, Richard Francis.

Picture of The Pilgrimage to Meccah.
I have long been fascinated by this amazing man who spoke 29 languages, was an avid swordsman, soldier, and fighter, an explorer of the lake regions of Africa who helped solve the mystery of the source of the Nile, and successfully snuck into Mecca which could have meant instant death as an infidel. There are many books on his life but this is an abridged edition of his two-volume travel classic detailing his pilgrimage to Mecca.


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The journey that made Richard Burton famous as a traveller and explorer in the nineteenth century was a pilgrimage to Mecca, which he carried out disguised as a Pashtun tribesman from what is now north-western Pakistan or Afghanistan. Having spent seven years with the army of the East India Company, Burton was familiar with the customs and languages, but the journey was difficult and his caravan was attacked by bandits. This account describes a journey forbidden to non-Muslims made by one of the great travellers and adventurers of the nineteenth century.

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Author Burton, Richard Francis.
Format PB
Series Title Eyewitness Accounts
Publisher Amberley Publishing
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Publish Date 1/03/2015
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