The Pirate Code: From Honorable Thieves to Modern-Day Villains.

Lewis, Brenda Ralph.

Picture of The Pirate Code: From Honorable Thieves to Modern-Day Villains.
A wide-ranging look at the reality of piracy from ancient times to the present, it begins with ninth-century Chinese pirates, fourteenth century Japanese Wokou pirates, Viking pirates and Arab pirates right through to the pirates of today operating in the Indian Ocean and South China Sea. Illustrated throughout.


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Despite what countless buccaneering books and movies may suggest, never has there been a universal Pirate Code to bind the merry (and mean) marauders of seafaring history. In fact there have been many "codes," and drawing out their common elements into a single concept is no easy task. "The Pirate Code" is the first book to bring together thousands of years of pirating traditions in a clear and authoritative manner. Chronicling the rules and realities of pirates' shipboard life through the ages, Brenda Ralph Lewisexplores what "honor among thieves" has really meant--whether for the pirates of the ancient Aegean, the seventeenth-century Brethren of the Coast who inspired the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, or modern-day pirates on the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. Lavishly illustrated and engagingly written, this book is a must for all serious devotees of pirate lore.

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Author Lewis, Brenda Ralph.
Format PB
Publisher The Lyons Press
Imprint Globe Pequot Press
Number of Pages 192
Illustrations black & white illustrations
Publish Date 25/11/2008
Catalogue Jan19
Catalogue book number 159