The Princess Matilda Comes Home: The Adventure of a Lifetime around Britain on a Barge.

Spall, Shane.

Picture of The Princess Matilda Comes Home: The Adventure of a Lifetime around Britain on a Barge.
This adventurous couple owns a 35-ton, 54-foot long Dutch barge, The Princess Matilda

. In 2007 they began a slow, on-again off-again circumnavigation of Britain. They travelled over 2,000 miles and visited over 90 ports and harbours. Their story is funny and warm-hearted as they tell about how they got lost in busy shipping lanes, accidentally sailed through an army firing range, and met people who helped them every step of the way.


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Shane and Tim Spall are on the second leg of a very big adventure, taking their Dutch barge The Princess Matilda around the coast of Britain. From Matilda?s winter berth in Cardiff, Shane and Tim follow the Welsh coast, before ambitiously deciding to visit the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland. Along the way they cross Cardigan Bay in the company of a pod of dolphins, meet the king and queen of Piel Island, get lost in shipping lanes near Liverpool, successfully cross the notorious Irish Sea (twice!), accidentally sail through an army firing range, and experience the matchless beauty of Scotland?s Caledonian canal. Emerging into the North Sea at Inverness, they set a course down the east coast for London, back where their journey began. Tim and Shane aren?t the amateur sailors they once were, but things still don?t always go to plan. It?s not easy navigating our dangerous coastal waters, and crashing waves and strong tides can be terrifying. But it?s exhilarating too, and the realisation of a dream they have had for a very long time.It?s a slow journey, but a satisfying one, visiting fishing villages and ports, and exploring Britain?s windswept coast. Along the way they meet brave lifeboat crews, lockkeepers, fishermen and a whole host of people who make their living or their leisure on the water. The Princess Matilda Comes Home is a funny and warm hearted story about sharing a great adventure with someone you love.

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Author Spall, Shane.
Format PB
Publisher Ebury Publishing
Imprint Ebury Press
Number of Pages 352
Publish Date 5/03/2015
Catalogue Jun19
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