The QE2 Story.

Frame, Chris and Cross, Rachelle.

Picture of The QE2 Story.
This famous ship was launched in 1967 and became the most travelled ship in history. Her career came to an end in 2008 when she became a floating hotel in Dubai. Here is a concise illustrated history of this wonderful ocean liner, including her legendary service in the Falklands War. Very appealing.


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There is no more famous ship in recent history than Queen Elizabeth 2. The flagship of the Cunard Line for most of her life, this legendary vessel wandered the world's oceans for almost forty years. The QE2 Story offers a concise history of this, the greatest ocean liner of our time, from her construction, early life and various refurbishments, to her triumphant farewell and retirement in Dubai. Events of historical importance, such as her service in the Falklands War, are described in detail. Complemented by memories of those who sailed aboard her, and brimming with interesting facts and photographs, this book chronicles the unending appeal of the QE2.

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Author Frame, Chris and Cross, Rachelle.
Format HC
Publisher The History Press Ltd
Imprint The History Press Ltd
Number of Pages 128
Illustrations Illustrations
Publish Date 15/10/2009
Catalogue HIS01
Catalogue book number 169