The Red Badge of Courage and The Veteran.

Crane, Stephen.

Picture of The Red Badge of Courage and The Veteran.
More the story of the battle that rages inside the hero, Henry Fleming, than that between Confederate and Union soldiers, it is, as Crane said, a psychological study of fear.


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Regarded by many as one of the finest American novels, The Red Badge of Courage tells the story of one soldier's experience in the American Civil War, presenting war in a direct, impressionistic way that was innovative at the time and is still influential today. Henry Fleming enlists in the Union Army with dreams of military glory, and discovers real warfare is very different from its fictional portrayal.

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Author Crane, Stephen.
Format HC
Series Title Collector's library
Publisher CRW Publishing Limited
Imprint Collector's Library
Number of Pages 197
Publish Date 1/02/2004
Catalogue ER018
Catalogue book number 218