The Reward Pocketbook.

Daniels, Kathy.

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Explores how to reward employees in a way that will give you the results that you want. It considers the pros and cons of the various approaches to reward, the mistakes some organisations have made, and alternative approaches. 'Shows in no uncertain terms how sensible reward management can foster the successful growth and development of organisations and their employees.'


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This book covers a broad spectrum from job evaluation systems and how they help staff to understand different job benchmarks, to a range of financial incentive schemes and other benefits which are important to employees - helping you to build loyalty, motivation and productivity. The author highlights the pitfalls of some schemes, using real case studies and offers advice and guidance on packages that work.

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Author Daniels, Kathy.
Format 109
Series Title Management Pocketbooks S.
Publisher Management Pocketbooks
Imprint Management Pocketbooks
Number of Pages 109
Illustrations 20+ ill.
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