The Seventy Great Mysteries of the Natural World.

Benton, Michael J. (ed.).

Picture of The Seventy Great Mysteries of the Natural World.
Over 60 scientists share their knowledge of the natural world in seven sections, including Origins, Evolution, Biogeography and Environments, Animal Behaviour, and Global Warming. They address a broad range of questions, such as: Were the dinosaurs warm blooded or not? Which was the largest volcanic eruption ever? Has there always been ice at the poles? How did the eye evolve? Superb colour illustrations throughout.


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New in Thames & Hudson's bestselling `Seventy' series, this visually stunning and highly topical book is an essential guide to those vital environmental issues that concern us all. The volume's seven sections address an extraordinary range of questions. Were the dinosaurs warm-blooded or not? Why do mammals rule the earth? How did the eye evolve? What will happen to climates in the future? Over sixty of the world's most eminent scientists offer privileged insight into their cutting-edge research and findings, writing always to engage the interest of the general reader.

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Author Benton, Michael J. (ed.).
Format HC
Publisher Thames & Hudson Ltd
Imprint Thames & Hudson Ltd
Number of Pages 304
Illustrations 368 illustrations, 338 in colour
Publish Date 1/10/2008
Catalogue Oct19
Catalogue book number 291