The Sh*Tfaced Games: A Shot at Glory and Gold for the Wasted Warrior.


Picture of The Sh*Tfaced Games: A Shot at Glory and Gold for the Wasted Warrior.
HogWild is a stand-up comedian in the USA. Here he offers 50 outrageous and hilarious drinking games including Ice-Rink Drink, The Get-Hammered Throw, Shot-Put Eggs Until You Vomelet, Wrestle for Beers, The Drinking Triathalon, The Beer Relay Race and Snatch! There are a handful of cocktails inspired by real games across the world.


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Drinking games are a pastime that bring out the best (and worst) in party-goers,a crossroads where fierce competition and drunken abandon meet. The Sh*tfaced Games takes the tradition to the next level by giving average folks their own chance to compete with their friends at something they're good at: drinking. In the spirit of the Olympiad, this book presents fifty drinking games from around the world from Ice Rink Drink to Alcohol Archery, and each is given a rating of bronze ( tipsy"), silver ( drunk"), or gold ( completely sh*tfaced") to help readers figure out exactly how drunk they are bound to get. The games are interspersed with commentary from stand-up comedian HogWild, drinking trivia, Games-inspired cocktail recipes, and a handful of illustrations throughout.

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Author HogWild.
Format PB
Publisher Running Press,U.S.
Imprint Running Press Adult
Number of Pages 160
Illustrations colour illustrations
Publish Date 10/10/2013
Catalogue Feb18
Catalogue book number 312