The Slime Book.

Yeates, Elizabeth et al (eds.).

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Here are more than 30 recipes for making slime, with step-by-step instructions and vibrant photographs. All the ingredients are safe and readily available. Includes basic slime, see-through slime, smelly slime, glitter slime, stretchy slime, sand slime, bubble slime, and edible slimes such as chocolate goo and stripy slime. Kids will love

this, and adults will be fascinated too.


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Over 30 gloopy, gooey, colourful diy slime recipes will mesmerise youngsters by showing them how to make slime.Play, poke, push, pull, and pop awesome easy-to-follow slime recipes, all of which use inexpensive, accessible, and safe everyday products. Create Monster Slime with googly eyes, tuck in to some yummy edible chocolate slime and see the rainbow with unicorn slime! All projects in The Slime Book are shown with clear step-by-step images and a vibrant final image of the slimy stuff. Learn the science behind these slime creations with amazing fact boxes and carry on the fun with recipe variations. The latest addictive kids' activity, making your own slime is the ultimate sticky and squidgy fun - are you ready to create slime? Then get goo-ing!All slime recipes are borax-free.

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Author Yeates, Elizabeth et al (eds.).
Format PB
Publisher Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Imprint DK Children
Number of Pages 64
Publish Date 2/11/2017
Catalogue Jan18
Catalogue book number 1009