The Spectacle of Skill: Selected Writings of Robert Hughes.

Hughes, Robert.

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His writing is passionate, brutal and truthful. He discusses art, architecture, culture, religion, and himself. These pieces have been culled from nine of his most widely read and important books and include some never before published pages from his unfinished second volume of memoirs. Wonderful, pleasurable reading, to be ‘…read with a ting of sadness that his extraordinary voice is no longer here'.


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I am completely an elitist, in the cultural but emphatically not the social sense. I prefer the good to the bad, the articulate to the mumbling, the aesthetically developed to the merely primitive, and full to partial consciousness. I love the spectacle of skill, whether it's an expert gardener at work, or a good carpenter chopping dovetailsaI don't think stupid or ill-read people are as good to be with as wise and fully literate ones. I would rather watch a great tennis player than a mediocre oneaConsequently, most of the human race doesn't matter much to me, outside the normal and necessary frame of courtesy and the obligation to respect human rights. I see no reason to squirm around apologizing for this. I am, after all, a cultural critic, and my main job is to distinguish the good from the second-rate.o Robert Hughes wrote with brutal honesty about art, architecture, culture, religion, and himself. He translated his passionsuof which there were many, both positive and negativeubrilliantly, convincingly, and with vitality and immediacy, always holding himself to the same rigorous standards of skill, authenticity, and significance that he did his subjects. There never wa

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