The Starlings.

Kelly, Vivienne.

Picture of The Starlings.
On Nicky’s eighth birthday his grandmother died and his father‘s team, Hawthorn was defeated by Geelong. Nicky misses his grandmother, but he still has Rose, her nurse. He wishes he could love footy, but what he really loves are stories his mother reads to him about King Arthur and from Shakespeare. But his mother betrays the family and Rose betrays his grandfather. ‘Funny, tender and savage…about heroes and champions, love and loss, secrets and stories'.


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It's March 1985 and Nicky Starling is turning eight, but it's a sad day. Nicky's grandmother Didie has just died. Almost worse - his father's beloved football team has lost the first match of the season. Nicky will miss Didie but he still has Rose, Didie's nurse. He wishes he could love footy, but what he really loves are the tales of King Arthur and stories from Shakespeare that his mother reads to him and that he acts out in his bedroom. But these stories don't have happy endings, an alarming fact for a boy whose family life is starting to fracture. Funny, tender and savage, The Starlings is a wonderfully entertaining novel about secrets and defeat, about heroism and love, about what it might mean to lose everything.

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Author Kelly, Vivienne.
Format PB
Publisher Text Publishing Co
Imprint The Text Publishing Company
Number of Pages 368
Publish Date 3/04/2017
Catalogue CIV02
Catalogue book number 45