The Stoccos: Like Father, Like Son: The Eight-Year Manhunt that Captured Australia..

Bucci, Nino.

Picture of The Stoccos: Like Father, Like Son: The Eight-Year Manhunt that Captured Australia..
Gino and Mark Stocco raided, stole, vandalised, beat up people, and rammed police cars seemingly with impunity for eight years. They lived for long stretches off the grid, with no phones, licences, bank accounts or friends, in the Australian bush. An intriguing and insightful account of their bizarre and chilling story.


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After a run-in with police in 2007, father and son Gino and Mark Stocco went completely off the grid, travelling all around the country working as farmhands. For years they were carrying out moonlight raids to steal goods, going on vandalism sprees, and living for long stretches without phones, licences, bank accounts or friends. Eluding arrest time after time in their eight years on the run, the Stoccos were two of Australia's most wanted men. After dramatically ramming a police car in broad daylight in October 2015, they became the focus of the nation, triggering one of the biggest manhunt's the country's ever seen. When they were finally arrested two weeks later, they were charged with thirty-four crimes between them - including the murder of 68-year-old Rosario Cimone. The Stoccos- Like Father, Like Son follows their long and bizarre journey throughout the Australian bush, and also looks at what caused them to embark on it in the first place and how they managed to remain undetected for so long. Gripping, intriguing and insightful, this is a forensic account of this strange and chilling story.

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Author Bucci, Nino.
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Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
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Number of Pages 320
Publish Date 28/05/2018
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