The Sty's the Limit: When Middle Age Gets Mucky.

Dawson, Simon.

Picture of The Sty's the Limit: When Middle Age Gets Mucky.
The author gave up his job as a real estate agent in London and moved to the country where he became a self-sufficient smallholder, with lots of lovely animals (you’ll love the General, a rather handsome pig) and his wife. But after many years of triumphs and travails Simon discovers, to his horror, that he is getting old, and that’s when things get a bit mucky’. Most amusing and droll.


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Following a drunken misunderstanding Simon Dawson gave up his job in the city, moved to the wilds of Exmoor and became an accidental self-sufficient smallholder with an array of animals. But that was years ago now. Following up on his first book, PIGS IN CLOVER, this is the story of what happens when he suddenly realises that his life is changing all over again. He's not quite the spring chicken that he used to be: he is, horror of horrors, getting older. With a cast of best friends (some more helpful than others) including Ziggy, a panicked soon-to-be father desperate to grow up, Garth, an annoying teenager, and a rather handsome pig called The General, a plan is hatched to help each other mature (or immature). Heartfelt discoveries and hilarious endeavours ensue as they work through their age-related angsts, all with a fair dose of pigs, chickens, lambs and animal madness along the way. This is Exmoor's uplifting laugh-out-loud antidote to middle age in the mud; a place where you truly realise that the sty's the limit!

Book Details

Author Dawson, Simon.
Format HC
Publisher Orion Publishing Co
Imprint Orion (an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd )
Number of Pages 272
Publish Date 18/06/2015
Catalogue Jul19
Catalogue book number 29