The Trip of a Lifetime.

McInerney, Monica.

Picture of The Trip of a Lifetime.
Lois Quinlan is leaving the Clare Valley in South Australia, and taking her granddaughter and great-granddaughter on a trip to Ireland, which she left some sixty years ago. Lois is wilful and eccentric, and she is hiding the hurtful reasons why she left Ireland in the first place. What will be waiting for her on the other side of the world?


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'I always thought memories were unchangeable. Set in stone, shaped by the years. But there are always others too, ones you haven't let yourself remember . . . ' The wilful and eccentric Lola Quinlan is off on the trip of a lifetime, taking her beloved granddaughter and great-granddaughter with her. More than sixty years after emigrating to Australia, she's keeping a secret promise to return to her Irish homeland. But as she embarks on her journey, the flamboyant Lola is still hiding the hurtful reasons she left Ireland in the first place. What - and who - will be waiting for her on the other side of the world? The Trip of a Lifetime is a big, bold, beautiful book about the light and dark times of life, and all the wonders in between. Moving from the Clare Valley of South Australia to the lush Irish countryside, this is a delightful, emotional story about a colourful and huge-hearted family that you'll want to call your own.

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Author McInerney, Monica.
Format PB
Publisher Penguin Books Australia
Imprint Michael Joseph
Number of Pages 464
Publish Date 3/07/2017
Catalogue CIV01
Catalogue book number 53