The True German: The Diary of a World War II Military Judge.

Muller-Hill, Werner Otto.

Picture of The True German: The Diary of a World War II Military Judge.
A military judge in the Wehrmacht, Muller-Hill began a diary in the last days of the Second World War that shines a light on the day-to-day lives of German soldiers and their dreams of a Third Reich. He recorded his view of events between March 1944 and the summer of 1945 at his own peril, for his thoughts on the fate of the Jews and his disdain for Adolf Hitler would surely have meant the death sentence.


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Werner Otto Muller-Hill served as a military judge in the Werhmacht during World War II. From March 1944 to the summer of 1945, he kept a diary, recording his impressions of what transpired around him as Germany hurtled into destruction - what he thought about the fate of the Jewish people, the danger from the Bolshevik East once an Allied victory was imminent, his longing for his home and family and, throughout it, a relentless disdain and hatred for the man who dragged his beloved Germany into this cataclysm, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Muller-Hill calls himself a German nationalist, the true Prussian idealist who was there before Hitler and would be there after. Published in Germany and France, Muller-Hill's diary has been hailed as a unique document, praised for its singular candor and uncommon insight into what the German army was like on the inside. It is an extraordinary testament to a part of Germany's people that historians are only now starting to acknowledge and fills a gap in our knowledge of WWII.

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Author Muller-Hill, Werner Otto.
Format HC
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Number of Pages 204
Publish Date 1/01/2013
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