Thieves Fall Out.

Vidal, Gore.

Picture of Thieves Fall Out.
Vidal wrote crime fiction under various pseudonyms, and this novel was lost under the name Cameron Kay for over 60 years. The tale revolves around an American down on his luck in the Middle East, who is persuaded to smuggle a precious relic out of Cairo, at a time when that city is seething with intrigue. Lots of sex and politics make this an exciting yarn.


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The lost pulp crime novel by great American novelist Gore Vidal! Hired to smuggle an ancient artefact out of Egypt, Pete Wells finds himself the target of killers and femme fatales - and just one step away from triggering a revolution that will set Cairo aflame! Thieves Fall Out employs the brisk, tongue-in-cheek tone of the Edgar Box novels. The cast of characters includes Hastings, "British subject, born to be hanged," and Helene, Contesse de Rastignac, "Parisienne, phony as a three-dollar bill, a lovely vulture." Laced with wry humor, the novel carries its suspense to an explosive climax: "Small wonder," says the back cover, "with a cutthroat crew like this on its register, the world-famed Shepheard's Hotel blew up."

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Author Vidal, Gore.
Format HC
Publisher Titan Books Ltd
Imprint Titan Books Ltd
Number of Pages 240
Publish Date 1/04/2015
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