Tim All Alone.

Ardizzone, Edward.

Picture of Tim All Alone.
One day Tim arrived home from a long holiday dying to see his mother and father again, but when he reached his house there was a sign pinned to the wall that said, ‘Gone Away. House to Let.’ Children have been enjoying Ardizzone’s Tim stories for years, they have great illustrations and if you scan the code at the back you can also hear the audio version narrated by Stephen Fry.


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Little Tim's adventures at sea have delighted generations of children ever since the first book was published in 1936. In this Kate Greenaway winning title, Tim arrives home after a long holiday to find his parents have vanished. He is determined to search the whole wide world, if necessary, to find them, and sets out on a journey filled with sea-faring adventure.

Book Details

Author Ardizzone, Edward.
Format HC
Series Title Little Tim
Publisher Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd
Imprint Frances Lincoln Childrens Books
Number of Pages 56
Publish Date 5/03/2015
Catalogue Oct18
Catalogue book number 68