Tim's Friend Towser.

Ardizzone, Edward.

Picture of Tim's Friend Towser.
Tim and Ginger, cabin boys on The Royal Fusilier

, find a puppy in one of the lifeboats. They name him Towser and keep him away from Captain Piper who dislikes dogs. But as Towser grows bigger and bigger, it is more and more difficult to keep him away from the Captain…and the Captain’s cat.


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Tim and Ginger find a puppy in one of the lifeboats and decide to call him Towser. But as Towser grows bigger and bigger, they have to work very hard at keeping him a secret. Captain Piper hates dogs! Little Tim's adventures at sea have delighted generations of children ever since the first book was published in 1936. Edward Ardizzone, who illustrated over 170 books in his lifetime, received the prestigious Kate Greenaway medal for Tim All Alone in 1956.

Book Details

Author Ardizzone, Edward.
Format HC
Series Title Little Tim
Publisher Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd
Imprint Frances Lincoln Childrens Books
Number of Pages 56
Publish Date 5/03/2015
Catalogue Jun18
Catalogue book number 52