Tomorrow There Will be Apricots.

Soffer, Jessica.

Picture of Tomorrow There Will be Apricots.
This is a slowly unravelling story about Lorca, an emotionally wounded teenage girl, her distant self-absorbed mother, and an elderly widow who is drawn into a complex relationship with the teenager. Lorca is desperate for her mother’s attention. Her plan is to make a dish called masgouf that her mother once ate, and raved about, at a restaurant that no longer exists. In searching for the recipe she finds Victoria, an Iraqi Jewish immigrant, who teaches cooking. Great writing and food, what’s not to like?


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A heartbreaking debut about family, love, grief and food. Perfect for fans of Joanne Harris' Chocolat and Julia Powell's Julie & Julia. Victoria, eighty and recently bereaved, is lonely and needs to find a way to reconnect with the world. When she starts teaching cooking classes she doesn't expect Lorca, a troubled teenager, to be her first pupil. Lorca is desperate to find a way into her mother's affections and as a last attempt decides to track down the recipe for her ideal meal, an obscure Middle Eastern dish called masgouf. As Lorca and Victoria form an unexpected bond over almond and pistachio cookies and baklava, they begin to suspect they are connected in more ways than just their love of food.

Book Details

Author Soffer, Jessica.
Format PB
Publisher Cornerstone
Imprint Windmill Books
Number of Pages 336
Publish Date 30/01/2014
Catalogue Jun19
Catalogue book number 200