Totes Ridictionary.

Cohen, Balthazar.

Picture of Totes Ridictionary.
Thanks to Twitter’s 140 character limit, abbreviations (abbrevs) are here to stay. If you’re a tweeter or a technophobe, you’ll find something here to amuse you, inform you, or cause you to roll your eyes in recognition. Packed with an acid-tongued glossary of key abbreviations, this guide takes a sceptical and humorous look at the absurdities of language in the internet age.


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"Totes ridic! Presh! Amazeballs! Adorbs! Obvs!" Whether 'words' like these make you roll your eyes in recognition or wonder what the hell everyone is talking about (or both), "The Totes Ridictionary" will help you survive life in a world where text-message abbreviations and Twitter slang are dancing on the grave of the "Oxford New English Dictionary." Everywhere you look - in emails, tweets, Facebook posts, text messages, blogs and even real-life conversations - Totes Ridicheads are turning words into twee 'abbrevs', communicating in internet acronyms, and embracing hashtags as a way of life. And, like it or not, sooner or later you'll need to become fluent in totes ridicularity.

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Author Cohen, Balthazar.
Format PB
Publisher Plexus Publishing Ltd
Imprint Plexus Publishing Ltd
Number of Pages 112
Publish Date 1/11/2013
Catalogue Aug19
Catalogue book number 270