Twelve Babies on a Bike: Diary of a Pupil Midwife.

Dunn, Dot May.

Picture of Twelve Babies on a Bike: Diary of a Pupil Midwife.
In 1956 she completed her midwifery training. Under her supervisor, she must deliver 12 babies, carrying all essentials with her on her trusty old black bicycle to slums, city brothels, bomb sites from the War, post-war council estates, and to impoverished gentlefolk. There were also lectures to attend, textbooks to read, and university dances to attend. A marvellous memoir of a time long gone.


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It's 1957 and in a shattered post-war world, life goes on. Dot, a pupil midwife, negotiates the streets on her trusty old bicycle - come rain or shine - to help women in need. Living and working under the supervision of the strict Mrs O'Reilly, she must complete her training with twelve deliveries: there's Mrs Wardle who lives in a seedy slum; the eighth Clarke baby, born in an unusual place; the superstitious Wests, desperate for a boy; baby Murphy who is received with laughter; and brothel-worker Mrs Maloney. Amid lectures, textbooks and university dances, Dot must saddle up at any time of the day and night to attend deliveries. But just when she thinks she's got the measure of the job, fate deals her an unexpected hand...

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Author Dunn, Dot May.
Format PB
Publisher Orion Publishing Co
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Number of Pages 272
Publish Date 1/04/2010
Catalogue BI001
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