Unmanned: Drones, Data, and the Illusion of Perfect Warfare.

Arkin, William M.

Picture of Unmanned: Drones, Data, and the Illusion of Perfect Warfare.
Drones are the machine of the moment. They are rapidly transforming the way war is waged. Will the future lead us to drones that will hunt and kill based on calculations made by software rather than by human beings? He asks tough questions of America’s security institutions and the military regarding their widespread use of drones, now accumulated in the tens of thousands.


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Why do seemingly successful wars never seem to end? The problem centers on drones, now accumulated in the thousands, the front end of a spying and killing machine that is disconnected from either security or safety. Drones, however, are only part of the problem. William Arkin shows that security is actually undermined by an impulse to gather as much data as possible, the appetite and the theory both skewed towards the notion that no amount is too much. And yet the very endeavor of putting fewer humans in potential danger in fact places everyone in greater danger. Wars officially end, but the Data Machine lives on forever.

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Author Arkin, William M.
Format HC
Publisher Little, Brown & Company
Imprint Little, Brown & Company
Number of Pages 256
Illustrations 8-pp. b/w photo insert
Publish Date 28/07/2015
Catalogue May18
Catalogue book number 237