Violet and Victor Write the Best-Ever Bookworm Book.

Kuipers, Alice.

Picture of Violet and Victor Write the Best-Ever Bookworm Book.
Violet and Victor are twins. Violet wants to write a story and would like her brother's help. Victor would rather play with his worms. Violet is rather persistent so Victor offers a line or two which Violet then rejects: enter the book gobbling bookworm. A sweet tale of two very different imaginations coming together to share a love of books.


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Violet and Victor Small are twins on a mission: to write the best book in the whole, entire world--together! Victor is reluctant, but Violet is determined, and soon the ideas can't come quickly enough. They begin to write a story about a hungry Bookworm who is eating all the books in the library. Thanks to Victor's brilliant ideas, Violet is able to save the day (and the library). This delightful story-within-a-story is filled with good-natured sibling rivalry, and focuses on the spirit of cooperation, the satisfaction of a job well-done, and the magic of storytelling.

Book Details

Author Kuipers, Alice.
Format HC
Publisher Little, Brown & Company
Imprint Little, Brown Young Readers
Number of Pages 48
Illustrations Illustrated throughout
Publish Date 2/12/2014
Catalogue Aug18
Catalogue book number 70