Vision - Ruimte voor Verbeelding - Space for Imagination.

Boonzaaijer, Karel et al (eds.).

Picture of Vision - Ruimte voor Verbeelding - Space for Imagination.
An unusually presented book on design and aesthetics, it has a square cut through the centre of the book through which you can peep. Among other things it describes the enthusiastic take-up of post-modernism and the following doubts about the unthinking imposition of aesthetics on our living environment, which slowly developed into minimalism.


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In 1986, Pierre Mazairac and Karel Boonzaaijer design 'Vision', starting from the philosophy of creating a cabinet as an element of architectural composition. Due to its incredible flexibility, versatility and very modest design, 'Vision' has been very successful for the Dutch manufacturer Pastoe. Twenty-five years later, its compositional scope is still limitless; from a three-dimensional relief design to a graphical lattice of lines and surfaces, from a series of sideboards to an architectural landscape of volumes. The book 'Vision: Space for Imagination' tells the story of this young classic.

Book Details

Author Boonzaaijer, Karel et al (eds.).
Format PB
Publisher Stichting Kunstboek BVBA
Imprint Stichting Kunstboek BVBA
Number of Pages 128
Illustrations 75 colour
Publish Date 31/01/2011
Catalogue Apr19
Catalogue book number 17