Voices in the Ocean: A Journey into the Wild and Haunting World of Dolphins.

Casey, Susan.

Picture of Voices in the Ocean: A Journey into the Wild and Haunting World of Dolphins.
On a solo swim across Honolua Bay the author encountered a large pod of dolphins swimming toward her. Instead of just passing by, they swam with her for a while, lifting her spirits and setting her on a worldwide dolphin odyssey. She examines the evolutionary background of dolphins, their special qualities, the eons long and mostly wonderful history of human-dolphin interactions and also sadly their dreadful abuse at the hands of humans.


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Humans and dolphins have a unique bond. We know that dolphins are highly intelligent, intensely sociable beings who recognize their own reflections, introduce themselves by name, form close friendships, communicate constantly, feel despondent, rescue one another (and humans), deduce, infer, throw tantrums, gossip, joke, and scheme. Many who have swum with them describe the experience as life-changing. They are heralded as magical creatures, and yet we force them into starring roles at theme parks, trade them on the black market and put them to slaughter. Voices in the Ocean is at once a celebration of these beloved animals and a devastating chronicle of the damage wrought when human and dolphin worlds meet. Through Casey's illuminating portrayal of these beguiling creatures we encounter the best and worst of ourselves.

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Author Casey, Susan.
Format HC
Publisher Oneworld Publications
Imprint Oneworld Publications
Number of Pages 320
Publish Date 1/09/2015
Catalogue Jul19
Catalogue book number 289