Wodehouse with New Friends.

Ring, Tony and Jaggard, Geoffrey.

Picture of Wodehouse with New Friends.
A gorgeous A-Z in which we meet the characters about whom Wodehouse wrote on just one occasion. Famously, it includes a writer called Clouston and an American woman whose surname was Pegler (Sally's maiden name). Everyone will want this book.


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This eighth volume completes the The Millennium Wodehouse Concordance, the longest and funniest concordance to any writter. The last two volumes deal with books and characters falling outside the main sagas which have been covered in previous volumes. Volume 7 covered works which dealt with characters who appeared in more than one story. This final volume covers books and stories in which no active characters appeared more than once (subject to a few exceptions, where their appearance was not expected!). Like previous volumes, this one is lavishly illustrated with specially commissioned drawings by Bernard Canavan and reproductions from the original magazine appearances such as Colliers and the Strand. This final volume includes four Appendices and two Series Notes to supplement the complete Concordance: Appendix 1: A List of Dedications; Appendix 2: The Evolution of Laughing Gas; Appendix 3: The Girl in Blue Manuscript; Appendix 4: The Influence of Georges Courteline; Series Note 1: A Prince for Hire; Series Note 2: Matrimonial Sweepstakes; The complete Concordance; This vast survey of Wodehouse's work has taken eight years to publish. The eight volumes list all his characters (including for instance all seven Kingsley-Bassingtons), places (such as all the Marvis Bays), and his references to everyone from Moses to de Gaulle. Time will decide whether Wodehouse will continue to bear comparison with the few other authors for whom concordances have been compiled. But as companions and concordances go, these volumes will remain outstanding.

Book Details

Author Ring, Tony and Jaggard, Geoffrey.
Format HC
Series Title Millennium Wodehouse Concordance
Publisher Porpoise Books
Imprint Porpoise Books
Number of Pages 376
Illustrations 26 line drawings
Publish Date 1/09/2001
Catalogue ER018
Catalogue book number 792