Evanier, David.

Picture of Woody.
Other writers have connected all the dots of Woody’s personal life. He has been explored, dissected and analysed and has eluded the grasp of biographers who have explored him that way. Evanier’s aim has been to add what has been missed about his work while sketching some essential brushstrokes of his life and career, so there is a great deal that is new. Illustrations throughout.


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Woody Allen is not only one of the great movie directors but one of the foremost creative artists of our time. In over forty-five movies, from Annie Hall to Midnight in Paris, and through a career that's included stand-up, play-writing, screenwriting, directing, and acting, Woody has evolved more than reinvented himself. In the first biography of Allen in over twenty years, David Evanier writes about Allen's private life as well as his very public career. He untangles fact from rumor about Allen's relationship with Mia Farrow as well as the great scandals that surfaced in the 1990s and recently resurfaced, and makes thoughtful connections between Allen's romantic relationships and the characters in his movies. In fresh interviews with collaborators, boyhood pals, family and friends, Evanier fills in fascinating details about where Woody came from, how he got his start, and how he has been able to be moral in his business dealings and make exactly the movies that interest him most with the people who interest him most, from Diane Keaton to Cate Blanchett to Michael Caine. Even the closest Allen-watcher will be riveted by Evanier's rich portrait: detailed but sweeping, Woody is the biography of an artist who has never lost his passion, talent and capacity to break new artistic ground, who has always been swept up in the creative act of becoming.

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Author Evanier, David.
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Publish Date 4/11/2015
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