Words, Words, Words.

Crystal, David.

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this celebration of what we say and how we say it. Prof Crystal takes us on an erudite (yet easily readable) journey through the magic world of words, and for the passionate among you, at the end he explains how to find out the history of a word, the meaning of names, how to get involved with dictionaries, estimate the size of your vocabulary, keep a record of your child's words and how to find out more about words. He gives lots of wonderful websites for words. From OUP.


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Words, Words, Words is all about the wonder of words. Drawing on a lifetime's experience, David Crystal explores language in all its rich varieties through words: the very building blocks of our communication. Language has no life of its own: it only exists in the mouths and ears, hands, eyes and brains of its users. As we are guided expertly and passionately through the mysteries and delights of word origins, histories, spellings, regional and social variations, taboo words, jargon, and wordplay, the contribution we all play in shaping the linguistic world around us becomes evident. Words, Words, Words is a celebration of what we say and how we say it. It invites us to engage linguistically with who we are: to understand what words tell us about where we come from and what we do. And as they continually shape our lives, it suggests ways that we can look at words anew and get involved with collecting and coining words ourselves.

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Author Crystal, David.
Format PB
Publish Date 0/01/1900
Catalogue Apr19
Catalogue book number 188