Writers on Writers: Kate Jennings.

Jensen, Erik.

Picture of Writers on Writers: Kate Jennings.
Award-winning journalist and author, Erik Jensen, takes us into the world of the novelist, poet, and pioneering feminist. He reflects on how she inspired and fascinated him and in the interviews he conducted with her, he focuses on her first novel Snake.


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Award-winning writer Erik Jensen plunges the reader into the world of acclaimed novelist, poet and pioneering feminist Kate Jennings. Weaving in his interviews with Jennings in New York, he shows how poetry, politics and family were transmuted into her first novel, Snake - a work of art that depicts rural Australia in a funny, cutting and unforgettable way. This is a biography of a book and the life that made it.In the Writers on Writers series, leading authors reflect on an Australian writer who has inspired and fascinated them. Provocative and crisp, these books start a fresh conversation between past and present, shed new light on the craft of writing, and introduce some intriguing and talented authors and their work.Published by Black Inc. in association with the University of Melbourne and State Library Victoria.

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Author Jensen, Erik.
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Publisher Black Inc.
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Publish Date 2/10/2017
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