Young Mr. Roosevelt: FDR's Introduction to War, Politics, and Life.

Weintraub, Stanley.

Picture of Young Mr. Roosevelt: FDR's Introduction to War, Politics, and Life.
FDR had an unparralleled public career. At 31 he was '…an uncompromising patrician playboy and obscure New York State Senator.' Then he became assistant secretary of the navy, where, in the years prior to WWI he manoevered himself into a powerful position with a huge budget. When war came his stature increased. As the Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee in 1920, campaigning brought national attention to him.


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In Young Mr. Roosevelt Stanley Weintraub evokes Franklin Delano Roosevelt's political and wartime beginnings. An unpromising patrician playboy appointed assistant secretary of the Navy in 1913, Roosevelt learned quickly and rose to national visibility in World War I. Democratic vice-presidential nominee in 1920, he lost the election but not his ambitions. While his stature was rising, his testy marriage to his cousin Eleanor was fraying amid scandal quietly covered up. Ever indomitable, even polio a year later would not suppress his inevitable ascent.Against the backdrop of a reluctant America's entry into a world war and FDR's hawkish build-up of a modern navy, Washington's gossip-ridden society, and the nation's surging economy, Weintraub summons up the early influences on the young and enterprising nephew of his predecessor, Uncle Ted."

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Author Weintraub, Stanley.
Format HC
Publisher The Perseus Books Group
Imprint Da Capo Press Inc
Number of Pages 288
Illustrations 30 photos throughout
Publish Date 25/10/2012
Catalogue BI001
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