Zastrozzi: A Romance.

Shelley, Percy Bysshe.

Picture of Zastrozzi: A Romance.
This short novel was published when Shelley was only 18. It is a vivid and intensely emotional love story. Countess Matilda has an unrequited, crazed desire for Verezzi. She traps him in her castle and orders the mysterious Zastrozzi to kill Julia, the woman Verezzi loves. But Zastrozzi has his own agenda… Germaine Greer has written the foreword.


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Zastrozzi, the arch-villain of the tale, is sworn to avenge the wrongs done to his mother. Prepared to go to any lengths to execute his horrific plans, he enlists the help of the willing Matilda. Together they vow to destroy Verezzi and Julia, the subjects of their wrath, and embark upon a fateful chain of events that can lead only on catastrophe.

Book Details

Author Shelley, Percy Bysshe.
Format PB
Series Title Hesperus Classics
Publisher Hesperus Press Ltd
Imprint Hesperus Press Ltd
Number of Pages 112
Publish Date 29/11/2002
Catalogue ER018
Catalogue book number 844